Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association

Competition Rules


"To be eligible to compete in a Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association Competition, a player:-

1 - Must be of Amateur status, as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews.

2 - Must be a full or junior member of a Club affiliated to the Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association.

3 - Must not have represented another Member Club at "8-15" golf during the same season.

4 - Must conform to the handicap limits and any other conditions which are included in the rules of the competition."


1 - The Association, through the Officers of the Association and such other co-opted members as they may from time to time determine, hereinafter called the "Competition Committee", shall arrange each year, such Championships, Competition and Matches as may have been sanctioned by the Executive Committee. The Honorary Secretary and the League Secretary of the Association shall be empowered to make all the necessary arrangements for the events with the Member Clubs on whose greens they are to be held.

2 - All Championships, Competition and Matches shall be played according to the Rules of Golf, as approved by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the Local Rules of the Member Club upon whose greens the event is being played, in so far as they do not contravene the Rules of Golf and have the approval of the Competition Committee. In the event of a dispute, relating to the Rules of Golf or a Competition organised by the Association, the Competition Committee shall arbitrate. Two member of that Committee shall form a Quorum.

3 - The Competition shall be open to all full playing members of Member Clubs and junior members. Such playing members shall play under their correct name and must:-

(a) Conform to the "definition" of a Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association player; and,

(b) Be in possession of a WHS Handicap.

4 - The Competition Committee shall determine the greens upon which golf meetings are held and shall decide the date of such meetings. However, the venues of the Team Championship shall be decided by the President in Office.

5 - Championship trophies shall be held by the recipients until the date of the next Championship in storkeplay events, or the date of the final round in matchplay events.

6 - The Association has the right to refuse an application for entry for whatever reason it deems fit and shall not be required to disclose such reason.

7 - The format and rules for each competition shall be as follows:-

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