Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association

League Championship Rules

(a) The Executive Committee shall decide the number of divisions, which shall comprise the League and, each Member Club shall be represented by a team of four players. At the end of each season, whenever possible, the top two teams in each division except the first division, shall be promoted to the next division above and the bottom two team in each division except the last shall be relegated to the next division below. Notification will be given to all member Clubs if changes out of the ordinary are to be made.

(b) The League Team shall consist of four sections (A. B,C and D) with one player in each section, whose Hansdicap Index, on the date 7 days prior to the league match, is not less than A - 7.5, B - 9.5, C - 11.5 and D - 13.5.

(c) In a match, player A of the home team shall play against player A of the opposing team and likewise with players B, C and D. To decide the winners, the results of each section count.

(d) The format is (match play) played over 18 holes, no shots given. Scoring will be 2 points for a (win) and 1 point for a (half).

(e) (1) Matches will be played on Friday evenings, on a home and away basis, in accordance with the published Fixture List. A game may be claimed if the opposing player is not on the tee by 6.15 pm.

(e) (2) Matches can be played on an alternative day prior to the Friday evening subject to approval by the Management Committee. If however the opposing Club objects to the preferred day, the fixture must revert to the stipulated Friday evening.

(f) Before commencement of play, the respective Team Captains of each Member Club, must exchange a written list of their players' names and handicaps.

(g) At the conclusion of the match, it is the resopnsibilty of each Team Captain to enter the names of the players in the correct order on the web site and enter the result of each match no later than the Monday following the match being played. It is recommended that the result card which can be downloaded from the web site is completed for each match for retention by the home team captain as confirmation of the result.

(h) In the event of a match not being played on the allotted day, it is the responsibility of the 'home' Team Captain to inform the League Secretary.

(i) (1) The re-arranged date must be agreed on the night of the original fixture and the League Secretary advised of such date.

(i) (2) A suspended game must be played within 30 days of the original fixture or before the end of the season whichever occurs first. The re-arranged date must be agreed on the night of the original fixture and the League Secretary advised of such date / dates. For suspended games, the players must be those involved at the time of suspension even if the handicap of a player has moved out of the appropriate section. The four re-arranged games need not necessarily be all played on the same evening. If the match remains un-played after 30 days, no points will be awarded to either side for the unfinished game. The game may be claimed if the opposing player is not on the tee by 6.15pm on the re-arranged day (current Competition rule (e)(1)) (RULE 6-8 of the Rules of Golf applies)

(j) It is the duty of the HOME Team Captain to provide the visiting team players with a scorecard and local rules of the course.

(k) In the event of a dispute, the circumstances must be reported to the League Secretary within seven days of the match in question. The League Secretary shall consult with the Association's President and their decision will be final.

(l) In the event of a tie, to decide League Champions and promotion and relegation issues, the deciding factor will be the number of matches won. If a tie still appertains, the decision will be based on the number of points won in the two league matches played between the Member Clubs involved in the tie-break. If a tie still appertains, the decision will then be based on a sudden death play-off match, played on a neutral course, between the Members Clubs involved in a tie-break. In the event of a further tie,the Section 'A' team member, from each Member Club involved in the tie-break, shall play extra holes in a sudden death play-off.

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