Bradford & District 8-15 Golf Association

Presidents Matchplay Rules

(a) The competition shall consist of 32 players made up of one entrant from each Member Club and the current holder.  If the current holder, for any reason, is not able to partake, the vacancy will be filled by the highest placed player from the previous year's  Individual Championship.

Shots determined from full difference in handicap based on the Playing Handicap where the match is being played .

In the event of a match being level after 18 holes, a sudden death play off will decide the winner.

(b) Each Member Club must nominate one player as its entrant, preferably the winner of an internal 8-15 match play competition.

(c) The players being eligible by virtue of the Individual Championship placing will be so informed by the League Secretary.

(d) Players must have a handicap index within the range 7.5 -15.4, as at 15th April each year. If an players HI exceeds 15.4 through the season, the player may continue in the competition subject to playing from a maximum HI of 15.4.

(e) If before the commencement of the first round a player became ineligible due to handicap adjustment, his club shall substitute an eligible player. In the case of the exempt players, the League Secretary shall invite the next placed available player from the Individual Championship.

(f) The winning player in each round must inform the League Secretary of the result before 8.00 pm on the Tuesday following the last stipulated date on which the round is to be played.

(g) If after the completion of the first round a player's handicap is adjusted below eight he may continue in the competition, but shall play from his revised handicap. A player whose handicap is raised above 15 may continue in the competition, but shall receive strokes as if his handicap were 15.

(h) The first, second and quarter final rounds will be played at venues and on dates to be determined by the Competition Committee. These dates will fall between the Sunday following the Individual Championship and the 31st July each year. The semi-final and the final will take place on the Association's Finals Day.

(i) The winner will receive THE PRESIDENTS TROPHY, to be held for twelve months together with an individual prize. The beaten finalist will also receive a prize.

(j) Any player withdrawn for any reason after the first round has been played will give his opponent a walkover for the next round.

(k) In the event of a dispute, the players concerned must inform the League Secretary as soon as possible. The League Secretary will consult the Association's President and their decision will be final.

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